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As a Certified Laser Therapist, Dave Hanemaayer offers laser therapy (a.k.a. low level laser therapy, LLLT, photobiomodulation therapy, cold laser therapy, laser acupuncture)
for reducing sugar/carbohydrate cravings to boost weight-loss goals and reduce systemic inflammation.

Lazer Dave has 10+ years of experience and has treated 1,000s of clients successfully using laser.

He is proud to offer his services from Physiocare in Kanata.


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Many North Americans battle with their weight. Weight loss is a multimillion-dollar industry where “revolutionary” treatments and diet plans pop up on a regular basis.

Many are also are waking up to the fact that sugar and carbohydrates are essentially a drug that promotes inflammation and disease. Inflammation is a common denominator with the epidemic of health issues faced by many in western nations – especially those eating a high proportion of sugar and carbohydrates that is commonplace in the the SAD diet (Standard American Diet).

One of the oldest methods of reducing sugar and carbohydrate cravings that also promotes weight loss and reducing inflammation is with acupuncture, a centuries-old practice with a proven
history of results.

Dave Hanemaayer (a.k.a “Lazer Dave”) is proud to offer a contemporary approach to this age old practice for the purposes of reducing sugar/carbohydrate cravings, thereby promoting a healthy weight and reduction of inflammation in the body. He does this by utilizing modern laser therapy to stimulate various acupuncture points on the hands, wrist, stomach, legs, head and ears painlessly (without needles). Similar in approach to his very successful Laser Stop Smoking Program, many clients report positive results.



It is Dave’s clinical experience that results are maximized on this program when clients combine these treatments with a ketogenic, low carb or carnivore diet (a.k.a going “Zero Carb”). Do your own research in this area as Dave does not provide nutrition counselling. Consult with a doctor or suitable health professional regarding any changes with your diet.


ENHANCE Your Weight Management Goals With PAINLESS Laser Therapy Utilizing a TWO – STEP Strategy

STEP ONE – Promote Generalized Reductions in Cravings for Sugar/Unhealthy Food

Dave gently stimulates specialized “acupoints” on the legs, hands, stomach and ears in order to reduce sugar/carbohydrate cravings and promote healthier functioning of the digestive organs including the stomach and intestines. This is done without the use of pills, herbs or any other products. This technique using laser is also known as auriculotherapy. Auriculotherapy has been scientifically proven to aid weight loss.

For more information regarding auriculotherapy and a listing of scientific studies, please check out this page: .

STEP TWO – Drink Water, Eat Less Carbs, Light Exercise

Secondly, in order to maximize results during the treatment program, every client is responsible for: A. drinking plenty of water (8-10 glasses per day), B. eating a low carb, ketogenic, carnivore or zero carb diet, C. exercising (brisk walking at least 30 minutes per day) and D. abstaining or reducing consumption of caffeine and alcohol.

How Many Treatments Are Included With The Program?

The Kanata Laser Therapy For Sugar Carbohydrate Cravings & Weight-Loss Program includes 2 treatments over the course of the first week. “Booster” treatments are recommended weekly for the following 3-4 weeks.

Do I Need More Treatments After The First 2?

Many clients report increased results with weekly “boosters” after the first 2 treatments of the Laser Weight Loss-Program are completed. An additional 3-4 weekly “booster” treatment regime typically maximizes results to enhance weight-loss and reducing sugar craving goals for the first 6 weeks.

These booster treatments help keep sugar/carbohydrate cravings minimal until your body adjusts to your new reduced carbohydrate/sugar consumption diet.

In addition, occasional booster treatments can be very helpful in the first year on a weight management and sugar craving reduction program utilizing laser. This approach can keep clients on track with their goals, especially around more challenging times of the year like Christmas or just before a holiday/vacation.

Laser Weight Loss Booster treatments are priced at $75 (HST included) each. Once a client has paid the full program fee, they are entitled to the current booster rate and are not subject to the full program fee price ever again.

About Carbohydrate Cravings (aka Sugar Addiction)…

According to doctors and many nutrition experts, carbohydrates are addictive. Carbohydrates or sugar stimulate your brain’s addiction centres, so you actually crave more. It may surprise you to learn that heroine, morphine and sugar all stimulate the same pleasure receptors in your brain.

Moreover, it is becoming more recognized by health professionals that carbohydrates can promote systemic inflammation in the body – thereby compounding many health issues faced by the western world like arthritis, fibromyalgia, MS, depression, anxiety, cancer, candida, and more.

Carbohydrate addiction can be defined as a compelling hunger, craving, or desire for simple carbohydrate-rich foods; an escalating, recurring need or drive for starches, snack foods, junk
foods, or sweets.

Carbohydrate addiction is caused by an imbalance – an over release of the hormone insulin when carbohydrate-rich foods are eaten. Too much insulin results in too strong an impulse to eat, too
often, and a body that too readily stores food in the form of fat in addition to promoting systemic inflammation.

“Laser Therapy can be an effective strategy for reducing sugar cravings in order to aid weight loss.” Dave Hanemaayer, Certified Laser Therapist, Kanata, Ontario.

How Do I Know If I Am A Good Candidate For The Kanata Laser Therapy For Sugar & Carb Cravings Program?

Dave’s Laser Therapy For Weight Loss and Sugar Cravings Program is ideal for those who want to start or are struggling with a low carbohydrate/zero carbohydrate diet. Carbohydrate cravings can derail even the most disciplined people, especially during periods of high stress. This is where Dave can help.

How Does Ear Laser Therapy Help Me To Lose Weight?

Based on principles of medical acupuncture and German auricular therapy – Dave utilizes painless low intensity laser therapy to stimulate “acupoints” on the head, ear, arms, hands, stomach area and lower legs.

This can result in the release neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. This stimulates the pleasure centres of the brain, thereby helping people break the cycle of cravings to sugar or carbohydrates.

Dave also stimulates points in the ear that represent your digestive system (stomach, small and large intestines, etc.) It is theorized that this helps to decrease your desire for sugar/carbohydrates as well.

For more information on auricular therapy, please check out this page:

Benefits Of Laser Therapy For Sugar Cravings & Weight Loss…

Here are the main benefits of using laser therapy for weight loss with Dave Hanemaayer, Certified Laser Therapist, Kanata:

  • Painless – though the treatments are based in part on theories of acupuncture, no needles are used. Only gentle laser light is
    applied over tissues.
  • Non-invasive – laser for weight loss is completely non-invasive and is a great alternative to surgical procedures to remove unwanted fat.
  • Safe – Any contraindications to treatment, risks or side effects are discussed individually with each client to facilitate informed consent.
  • Reduces Cravings – Your desire for tempting and unhealthy sugary food or simple carbohydrates are usually diminished. Results are maximized when clients follow a very low or zero carbohydrate diet.
  • Systemic Inflammation – It is becoming increasingly recognized that by reducing your intake of carbohydrates, you can reduce the systemic inflammation load in your body. This can help other health issues you may be dealing with.
  • Reduces Stress – Laser therapy usually improves mood, reduces feelings of anxiety, depression and other negative emotional factors that affect a person’s eating habits. Most leave treatment with a general sense of well being.
  • Motivation For Change – In addition to reduced sugar cravings, many clients often discover they have more motivation to make other positive lifestyle changes like exercising more.

How Many Laser Treatments Does It Take To Reduce Sugar Cravings & Lose Weight?

Due to the unique and individual responses of clients to laser for the purposes of sugar/carbohydrate cravings and health conditions of different people, how people respond to treatment varies and there is no guarantee of success.

With this being said, Dave uses a similar approach in treating sugar cravings for the purpose of sugar/carb cravings  as his very successful Laser Stop Smoking Program. The biggest difference between the programs is typically the number and frequency of treatments. While many clients quit smoking (nicotine) in as little as 1-2 treatments, sugar can be more challenging and may require more treatments for long term results. This should not be a surprised though, given the availability and cultural acceptance in general related to the consumption of sugar and carbohydrates.

What To Expect On Your First Laser Therapy Treatment for Sugar & Carb Cravings…

When you come for your first laser therapy treatment for sugar and carbohydrate cravings, Dave will explain the procedure to you and ask you to wear protective eyewear. Multiple laser diodes will be applied to various “acupoints” on the wrist, arm, feet, lower leg and stomach area. Ear points are stimulated in conjunction for the purposes of sugar/food cravings .

You may feel a slight warm or tingling sensation through your body. As the points are stimulated with the laser light, your body should begin to release endorphins and other powerful neuro-chemicals which promote a pleasant sense of relaxation.

What To Expect After Your Laser Therapy Treatment For Sugar & Carb Cravings…

After the treatment you will likely feel relaxed and calm. The goal is to reduce the intensity of cravings for sugar/carbohydrates in combination with a carbohydrate reduced diet (i.e. low carb or zero carb) in 1-3 treatments. Some may need more depending on underlying health issues or challenges. Please note results are NOT guaranteed.

How Effective Is Laser Therapy For Sugar/Carb Cravings & Weight-loss?

Despite what the skeptics say, some evidence has been published demonstrating the value of auricular therapy for the clinical treatment of obesity.

One of these studies (Sun & Xu, 1993) treated obesity patients with auricular acupuncture. The acupuncture group consisted of 110 patients, and 51 in a control group given an oral
medication for weight control.

The acupuncture group exhibited an average weight reduction in body weight of 5kg, which was significantly greater than the 2kg reduction in the control group.

Is Laser Therapy Safe?

Any potential contraindications to treatment, risks or side effects are addressed during the consultation process to facilitate informed consent. Unlike most pharmaceutical solutions, surgery and other therapeutic options (such as needle acupuncture), laser therapy is non-toxic, drug-free and non-invasive.

Do You Supply A Diet Plan or Nutrition Counselling?

For those who are seeking weight loss and nutrition counselling, Dave suggests researching the ketogenic diet, low carb or carnivore diet (a.k.a “zero carb”). Consult with your family doctor or similar health professional before making any changes in this regard.

How Fast Can I Expect Results With Laser Therapy?

Results CANNOT BE GUARANTEED as every individual person responds a little differently. However, people who combine a low carb, zero carb or carnivore diet in combination with Dave’s treatments usually recognize a reduction in their desire for sugar and carbohydrates within 1-3 treatments.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

The Kanata Laser Therapy For Weight-Loss Program costs $250 (including HST). This entitles clients to the initial treatment plus an additional treatment (usable within 2 weeks of the initial treatment).

Individual treatment duration is typically 45 minutes.

Please note: a $50 deposit is required towards the total cost of the program. You will be asked to make this deposit during registration for the program. The deposit policy is 100% NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Why a $50 Deposit?

Lazer Dave is often asked: “why do you require a 50% deposit for your laser therapy programs?”.

The short answer is that Lazer Dave is interested in only treating clients who are seriously committed to quitting their addiction(s). A $50 deposit demonstrates commitment.

Lazer Dave’s deposit policy helps to preserve his high success rates and goodwill he has built up over the years offering this specialized service.

How Long Are Treatments?

Individual treatment duration is typically 60-45 minutes for the first time, 30-45 minutes for subsequent treatments.

Can You Charge Laser Therapy For Sugar & Carb Cravings As Massage Therapy?

NO. Dave DOES NOT bill laser for sugar and carbohydrate cravings as massage therapy. These treatments are offered separate and individual from Dave’s massage therapy practice.



Lazer Dave is currently not offering in person clinical treatments due to the Coronavirus. However Dave is working hard to serve the laser therapy needs of the world via his Self Laser Therapy Online Consultations. If you wish to receive notification when Dave officially launches his book and online consultations services please email him at