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Treat Yourself Safely At Home To Quit Alcohol!

Self Laser Therapy is a safe, non-invasive and easy way to TREAT YOURSELF using an inexpensive laser device in the safety of your own home to quit drinking alcohol.

Laser therapy is also known as low level laser therapy, LLLT, photobiomodulation therapy, laser acupuncture, and cold laser therapy.


Person treating herself with laser acupuncture to quit smoking.


It’s “AcuEAZY” To Quit

Dave has simplified the process of TREATING YOURSELF with laser to quit alcohol using his easy-to-follow AcuEazy Protocols.

The AcuEazy Protocols is a simplified system of applying gentle laser light to stimulate energy points (acupuncture points) on the face, ears, hands and feet using an inexpensive laser device. The goal is to dramatically reduce cravings and the intensity of withdrawal symptoms from alcohol.

How Do You Treat Yourself With Laser?

Lazer Dave teaches you his AcuEazy Protocols via a Telehealth video consultation on Skype or Zoom.

In addition to showing you how to treat yourself safely with laser, Dave also includes valuable coaching advice and his “Self Laser Therapy To Quit Alcohol” Manual for reference.

Are you serious about quitting alcohol, saving money and increasing your chances of quitting for good? If yes, Dave recommends Self Laser Therapy!



Introducing Lazer Dave – Canada’s Laser Therapy Expert

Lazer Dave is Canada's Laser Therapy Expert.
Lazer Dave works out of Physiocare, in Ottawa, Canada.

As a Certified Laser Therapist, Dave Hanemaayer (a.k.a. “Lazer Dave) has 15+ years of clinical experience and a 90% success rate using laser in his clinic to help people quit alcohol and other drugs like nicotine, cannabis/marijuana and more.



Schedule An Appointment.

1. Email Lazer Dave at to complete email consultation (free of charge).

2. After email consultation: Pay program fee via Pay Pal or e-transfer, pick online Telehealth Consultation date/time, receive Dave’s Self Laser Therapy Manual/habit change suggestions, order your laser device and then prepare yourself to quit.


Dave’s PDF Manual (included with program fee) contains clear picture diagrams for all AcuEazy points to be treated.


This is an example of a diagram included in Dave’s Self Laser Therapy To Quit Alcohol manual.




Self Laser Therapy to quit alcohol is a painless and safe treatment for reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Gentle laser light is applied to acupuncture points (without the use of acupuncture needles) in order to naturally boost endorphins and break the cycle of alcohol addiction.



Lazer Dave has a
using laser to help
people quit alcohol



How the Self Laser Therapy Quit Alcohol Program Works…

Quitting alcohol begins with a strong desire for change.

Add Self Laser Therapy with a few simple ground rules and enjoy an alcohol-free lifestyle with:

  • minimal cravings/withdrawal symptoms;
  • no pharmaceuticals; and
  • results after your first treatment.

STEP ONE – Email Consultation

Woman treating herself with a low intensity laser device for alcohol addiction.
This person is using a low intensity laser device to treat the brain directly for alcohol addiction.

After the email consultation is completed, Dave will email you before your online consultation with:

  • individualized habit change suggestions;
  • suggested laser devices to consider/order from his preferred suppliers; and
  • his Self Laser Therapy Manual.


STEP TWO – Online Consultation via Skype or Zoom

Once you have reviewed Dave’s habit change suggestions and manual, received your laser and prepared yourself and your environment for quitting, you are ready for your Telehealth consultation.

During the Telehealth consultation, Dave will walk you through your first Self Laser Treatment to ensure you are confident treating yourself safely and effectively with laser therapy.


About Alcohol Addiction…

Alcohol addiction, also known as alcoholism, is a disease that affects people of all walks of life. Experts have tried to pinpoint factors like genetics, sex, race, or socioeconomics that may predispose someone to alcohol addiction. But it has no single cause. Psychological, genetic, and behavioural factors can all contribute to having the disease.

It’s important to note that alcoholism is a real disease. It can cause changes to the brain and neurochemistry, so a person with an alcohol addiction may not be able to control their actions.

Alcohol addiction can show itself in a variety of ways. The severity of the disease, how often someone drinks, and the alcohol they consume varies from person to person. Some people drink heavily all day, while others binge drink and then stay sober for a while.

Some symptoms of alcohol addiction are:

  • increased quantity or frequency of use
  • high tolerance for alcohol, or lack of “hangover” symptoms
  • drinking at inappropriate times, such as first thing in the morning, or in places like work
  • wanting to be where alcohol is present and avoiding situations where there is none
  • changes in friendships; someone with an alcohol addiction may choose friends who also drink heavily
  • avoiding contact with loved ones
  • hiding alcohol, or hiding while drinking
  • dependence on alcohol to function in everyday life
  • increased lethargy, depression, or other emotional issues
  • legal or professional problems such as an arrest or loss of a job

As an addiction tends to get worse over time, it’s important to look for early warning signs. If identified and treated early, someone with an alcohol addiction may be able to avoid major consequences of the disease.

Common alcohol withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and sweating:



Benefits of Self Laser Therapy to Quit Alcohol…

  • REDUCED WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS. Laser treatments reduce your desire for alcohol, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, mild depression, agitation and other common symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal.


  • SAVE MONEY. By utilizing self laser to quit alcohol, you can recoup the cost of Dave’s Self Laser Therapy program quickly AND continue to save more money after quitting.


  • Telehealth Consultations. In person therapy of many kinds is simply not realistic given the Coronavirus/COVID-19. Telehealth consultation sessions via Skype are convenient and allow Dave to help anyone in the world that speaks English to utilize his highly successful Self Laser Therapy services.


This image shows that laser light is very gentle and pain free versus acupuncture needles.

  • Painless. Although laser acupuncture is based on theories of acupuncture, no needles are used to pierce the skin or tissues. Only gentle, low-intensity laser is applied over acupuncture points.


  • Easy to Learn. Dave has made the process of learning to treat acupuncture points yourself using gentle laser light simple and safe with his AcuEazy Protocols. By taking an active role in your own therapy (treating yourself) versus passive (by a therapist), you increase your sense of control in quitting alcohol addiction.


  • Treat Yourself Anytime. A big advantage of learning to treat yourself with laser is the ability to treat yourself at any hour of the day or night. Being able to treat your self quickly without having to book, wait AND pay for a “booster” treatment with a therapist at a clinic increases your chances of quitting for good.


  • Treat More Conditions. By learning Dave’s AcuEazy Protocols for quitting alcohol you will be equipped with a valuable foundation of knowledge that can be broadened very easily through further Telehealth consultations and/or purchase of Lazer Dave’s other AcuEazy Protocol Manuals to learn more applications of self laser for additional issues like:
    • Other addictions or cravings such as nicotine, sugar, and cannabis/drugs.
    • Pain & Injury conditions such as arthritis, muscle knots, headaches, bone fractures, auto-immune issues like fibromyalgia / chronic fatigue / inflammation and more.
    • Faster wound healing from cuts, scrapes, post surgery and reduction of scar tissue formation.
    • Quicker recovery from intense exercise such as weight lifting, marathon training, etc.
    • Immune system boost for prevention or quicker recovery from the colds, flus and more.
    • Mental clarity boost as many report enhanced problem solving abilities post treatment.
    • General stress, anxiety and low grade depression.


  • Safe. Contraindications, minor risks or potential side effects associated with Self Laser Therapy are addressed in the email consultation and Dave’s Self Laser Therapy Manual. Unlike most pharmaceutical solutions and other therapeutic options (like acupuncture needles), laser therapy is non-toxic, non-invasive and very safe.


The Lazer Dave Advantage logo

  • High Success Rate. Dave utilizes the LAZER DAVE ADVANTAGE approach which has a 90% success rate in helping people to quit addictions like alcohol. Dave has 15+ years of clinical experience using laser therapy in his practice. In addition, he has completed 1,000s of treatments with successful outcomes for addiction, stress and pain. This combined knowledge has been distilled and applied to his AcuEazy Protocols.


  • Instant Results After First Treatment. Many people report significant relief from their withdrawal symptoms and cravings for alcohol after just one treatment. Results are even stronger with 2-3 treatments a day during the first week after quitting.


  • Reduces Stress. Laser therapy improves mood, reduces feelings of anxiety, depression and other negative emotional factors that affect a person’s stress levels. Most people experience an increased general sense of well being after laser treatment. Continuing with occasional treatment after you quit and cravings are gone is a great way to manage stress in general and will help prevent relapse.


  • Less Dependence On Pharmaceuticals. Self Laser can dramatically lessen your need for pharmaceutical drugs like anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications and similar. Always consult with your family physician regarding any changes with medication.

  • Limited Risk of Weight Gain. Dave’s AcuEazy Protocols include treating appetite suppression points to discourage your desire for sugar and other unhealthy foods as a substitute for alcohol.


  • Increased Motivation. Because alcohol cravings and withdrawal symptoms often diminish quickly with laser therapy, many people report that they have more motivation to make other positive lifestyle changes after they quit (a healthier diet, more exercise, etc.).


  • Live Longer. By quitting alcohol using laser, you can be confident you are not only going to increase your quality of life health wise but also likely live longer.



What To Expect During Your Telehealth Consultation…

A woman is shown using a simple laser device to stimulate an acupuncture point between in the ear for relaxation.
Using laser to stimulate auricular (i.e. ear) points is an important component of Lazer Dave’s AcuEazy Protocols approach.

During the online consultation, Dave will guide you through your first Self Laser treatment step-by-step. This ensures you are confident in locating all  AcuEazy points to be treated and safety protocols. AcuEazy point locations are found on the face, ears, hand, wrist, arm, feet and lower legs.

You may feel a slight warm or tingling sensation in your body during treatment. As the points are stimulated with the laser, your body should begin to release endorphins and other powerful neuro-chemicals which promote a pleasant sense of relaxation.

What to Expect After Your First Self Laser Therapy Treatment…

After your first Self Laser Therapy treatment for quitting alcohol you will likely feel relaxed, calm, and best of all your desire for alcohol will likely have diminished. Dave recommends treating yourself 2-3 times a day during the first week after you quit and to follow his habit change suggestions to the best of your ability. Doing so will maximize your results and increase your chances of quitting for good.

To support you with your treatments, you are entitled to 2 weeks of email support with Dave after your online consultation.



How Effective is Self Laser Therapy for Quitting Alcohol?

A woman is shown using a simple laser device to stimulate an acupuncture point in the hand for relaxation.
Here this person is applying laser to an important point in Chinese Medicine called LI4 (large intestine 4). In the AcuEazy Protocols, Dave simply identifies the point as AcuEazy point AE – 3A.

Despite what some skeptics say about laser therapy, there IS scientific evidence that supports the efficacy of laser therapy for alcohol addiction. Here is an example from PubMed:

In addition, an experienced and successful laser therapist like Lazer Dave leverages an “acupuncture” approach with laser when treating any addiction including alcohol. This is a critical component Dave employ’s in both his clinical practise AND and his AcuEazy Protocols.

It is not entirely understood by the scientific community why acupuncture is effective in treating drug addiction. Lazer Dave readily admits there is an esoteric component to explaining why acupuncture helps with addiction. Despite this fact, scientific research does clearly provide evidence that acupuncture raises the level of endorphins in the body (NOTE: without the side effects of using pharmaceuticals or other substances). Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers and scientists can all agree that elevated levels of endorphins will help alleviate cravings and withdrawal from all drugs including alcohol. Here is a study from PubMed to illustrate this point:

Chinese medicine explains the efficacy of acupuncture in a different way, describing acupuncture as a way of balancing yin and yang energies. By receiving acupuncture treatments, a person struggling with substance abuse nourishes the yin energy and brings balance back to their natural energies.

Lazer Dave subscribes mostly to scientific and strong anecdotal evidence. His approach is grounded on his training through McMaster University, via the Medical Acupuncture Program.




Is Self Laser Therapy Safe?

Any potential contraindications to treatment, risks or side effects are addressed during the email consultation. In addition, this is covered for your reference in Dave’s Self Laser Therapy Manual(s). Unlike most pharmaceutical solutions and other therapeutic options such as needle acupuncture, laser therapy is non-toxic, drug-free and non-invasive.

DISCLAIMER: Laser therapy, laser acupuncture and self laser therapy is intended as adjunct to, not a substitute for, conventional medical therapy. You should consult with a qualified practitioner before treating yourself with laser if you are taking medication or have a medical condition.


Are There Any Side Effects?

Negative side effects are very uncommon. Usually, clients report that they feel relaxed and sleep better than normal following self laser treatment. Most are surprised at the ease in which they are able to quit alcohol with laser therapy.


How Does Self Laser Therapy Help Me Quit Alcohol ?

Based on auricular therapy and medical acupuncture, low intensity laser is applied to specific energy points on the ear, hands, wrist, feet and lower leg area in order to stimulate the pleasure centres of the brain to release neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. Stimulating these points help break the addiction cycle to alcohol

Auricular therapy is a critical component of Lazer Dave’s AcuEazy Protocols. The ear contains various energy points for influencing the addiction areas of the brain.


Dave also incorporates body acupuncture treatment with his AcuEazy Protocols.

The goal of self laser therapy to quit alcohol is to noticeably reduce withdrawal symptoms – giving you an edge over all other options to quit.

For more details on how auricular therapy works, please proceed to the Auricular Therapy Explained page. You can read more about laser acupuncture on Dave’s Laser Acupuncture Explained page. Lastly, you can read up on laser therapy on Dave’s Laser Therapy Explained page.



Is Self Laser Therapy Painful ?

Not at all. Most patients describe treatment as extremely relaxing and pleasant. Some people feel no sensations, while others feel light pressure, tingling, warmth and/or a relaxing “heaviness” in their arms and legs during or post treatment.


How Many Self Laser Treatments Will I Need ?

Dave recommends that you treat yourself 2-3 times a day during the first few days after you quit consuming nicotine. Many people will treat themselves once per day thereafter until all cravings have subsided for alcohol.


How Long Are Treatments?

Individual self treatment duration is typically around 45 minutes.

How Much Does The Quit Alcohol Self Laser Therapy Program Cost?

Lazer Dave’s Self Laser Therapy to quit alcohol program costs $199 USD.

This entitles you to Lazer Dave’s Self Laser Therapy Manual, individualized habit change suggestions and a one 60-minute Telehealth consultation. In addition, you also receive 2 weeks of email support after your online consultation.

Please note: The cost of Dave’s Self Laser Therapy program does NOT include the recommended laser device. It is your responsibility to order and pay for a laser device from one of Dave’s recommended suppliers.


Can You Tell Me More About the Laser Device I Need To Order?

Dave has researched dozens of different lasers for the purposes of his Self Laser Therapy Programs. He has sourced 3 different lasers at varying price points ($30-$80 USD). You will receive the necessary information and links to order your laser after you have signed up and paid for the Self Laser Therapy Program.

Picture of simple laser therapy device for quitting alcohol.




  • Lazer Dave’s Self Laser Therapy To Quit Alcohol manual (PDF) utilizing his AcuEazy Protocol plus extra strategies and tips to boost results
  • Individualized habit change suggestions based on your email consultation
  • One 60-minute Self Laser Therapy Telehealth consultation via Skype or Zoom to ensure you are confident locating all AcuEazy points and extra recommendations to enhance results further
  • Two weeks of email support post Telehealth consultation with Dave



Schedule An Appointment.

1. Email Lazer Dave at to complete email consultation (free of charge).

2. After email consultation: Pay program fee via Pay Pal or e-transfer, pick online Telehealth Consultation date/time, receive Dave’s Self Laser Therapy Manual/habit change suggestions, order your laser device and then prepare yourself to quit.


When Is the Best Time to Sign-up?

NOW! Especially since your on Lazer Dave’s website considering quitting. It is very easy to come up with excuses to put off quitting. Alcohol addiction is serious and for many people, laser is a an effective tool to quit.

The step towards quitting is to email Lazer Dave at so he can email you back his consultation questions. The email consultation with Dave is FREE OF CHARGE.



Laser quit smoking testimonial.

Laser quit smoking testimonial.

Laser quit smoking testimonial. This patient is 5 years quit from smoking using Lazer Dave's services.

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